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This image viewer enables the visualisation of more than 35 years of Meteosat Imagery.
Starting from 17 Aug 1981, one image of the earth as seen from Meteosat per day  can be selected. The image can be displayed in full, zoomed in and out, annotated and printed. Like this you are able to create prints with annotations of the most memorable days in the lives of your families, friends and colleagues. Images will be added on a monthly basis, for recent dates.
Please click Help for more information on functionality, the data provided and the Terms of Use.

You can view recent EUMETSAT imagery on EUMETView.


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What can you do with our 30th Anniversary Viewer?

Select an image using the date selection

Imagery is available from 17 August 1981. There is one Meteosat image per day available. There are some gaps in the series especially earlier on.

The date can be selected by:

Select a region

Select a region by using the zoom buttons and dragging the image (by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse) to the desired location.

Adding a Caption

The caption at the bottom of the image can be personalised by adding text in the area under the heading 'Add a caption'. The text '[date]' will automatically add the image's date to your text. For example, entering 'My father's 70th birthday on [date]' and selecting the date 28/05/2016 would display the caption 'My father's 70th birthday on Saturday, 28 May 2016'

Print the result

Select the 'Print Version' button and then 'Print' on the print preview window.

What imagery is used ?

The imagery is Meteosat level 1.5 data archived in the EUMETSAT Data Centre, derived from MVIRI (Meteosat Visible and Infrared Imager on Meteosat-2 to Meteosat-7) and SEVIRI (Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager on Meteosat-8 to Meteosat-10) .

The data is taken in full spatial resolution from the Archive and provided in the graphical JPEG format.
The MVIRI imagery is black and white. It shows the visible channel of the instrument.
The SEVIRI imagery is RGB colour composites (instrument channels 3, 2, 1).

The time series begins on 17 August 1981. Images will be added on a monthly basis, therefore the last image image available will always be changing.

For each day the noon Meteosat image (slot) of the main mission (0°), recorded at 12:00 UTC is presented — where the data is available and the image quality is considered to be suitable.

Where imagery was not available at 12:00 UTC or the image quality was not good enough (e.g. stripes or missing lines), the image closest to the noon slot was selected.

Three gaps of archived data exist (during the time of Meteosat-2 and Meteosat-3) where no data could be made available due to instrument decontamination . These gaps have been left empty.

Terms of Use

Data provided in this memory stick shall be used in accordance with the conditions of the EUMETSAT Data Policy, which in this case are as follow:

  1. The user acknowledges the full title and ownership by EUMETSAT of all intellectual property rights in the archived EUMETSAT satellite data and products, hereinafter referred to as “archived EUMETSAT Data”.
  2. When displaying or publishing satellite images and/or products based on archived EUMETSAT Data the user shall display the EUMETSAT copyright credit "copyright {year} EUMETSAT" (where {year} is the current year) or alternatively indicate EUMETSAT as the source of the original satellite image and/or product..
  3. The archived EUMETSAT Data are protected from use by unauthorised third parties by EUMETSAT's intellectual property rights and by competition law. The user shall take all reasonable steps to prevent damage or any infringement of EUMETSAT's intellectual property rights and shall inform EUMETSAT immediately, should he/she become aware of actual or potential infringement of these rights.
  4. EUMETSAT offers no warranty relating to the properties, qualities or fitness for use of the archived EUMETSAT Data. EUMETSAT shall bear no liability for any consequences, whether direct or indirect, arising from any use of the archived EUMETSAT Data. EUMETSAT shall not be liable if the provision of the archived Data should deteriorate, be reduced or discontinued for any reason.